How to revalue a property in Cumbre del Sol

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Although the Appartements we sell in this wonderful community are highly regarded, in order to revalue a house in Cumbre del Sol, you’ll need to renovate and modernise it.

Aspects such as renovating its installations or making them more efficient in terms of energy are essential.

Here we’re going to explain how to make your house go up in value.

How to revalue a property in Cumbre del Sol

The best ways to revalue a Appartement in Cumbre del Sol

Having a Appartement in Cumbre del Sol means owning property in this gorgeous community on the Costa Blanca. However, any property can be revalued. Any improvements will increase its market price. Specifically, you can increase its value in the following ways.

Fixing floors and walls

Over time, the walls may start to peel and the floors may look worn. Because of this, one of the first things you should do to revalue your property in Cumbre del Sol is to change the flooring and replace it with more modern tiles, for example. You should also paint the walls a more contemporary colour. All this will give your property a newer, more modern look.

Changing the windows

Just like the walls and floors, as time goes by, the windows become harder to shut and they may let air in through the little gaps. Even the property’s soundproofing may be affected. For all these reasons, it’s important to change the windows. What’s more, you can choose new ones that look better and are more functional, in this way helping to revalue your property.

Updating the fixtures, another way to revalue your Appartement in Cumbre del Sol

Although your property may not be old, perhaps it’s time to change the fixtures to increase its value. Electrical fixtures wear out with age and use, and it’s a good idea to modernise them every now and then.

The same goes for water systems such as the pipework. Over time they may get blocked and need, at the very least, a good cleaning. If you want to revalue your Appartement, however, it’s best to install new ones made of more modern materials.

Renovating the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house. For this reason, it’s easily worn down. Consequently, it’s important that, after a few years, you replace the tiling, lights, and even the furniture and electrical appliances.

On the other hand, the bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that suffers the most damage. The reason for this is that more humidity condenses here, and we also use it a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you change the toilets and, as we were saying earlier, the pipes. Yet, one of the most valued ways to renovate the bathroom is to replace the bath with a shower. More and more people see this as an added asset.

Changing the distribution

The way Appartements are distributed has changed over the years. Now people don’t tend to go for properties with small rooms, a single bathroom, and long corridors. Buyers today prefer homes with large rooms and several bathrooms.

For this reason, if you change the distribution of your Appartement by making the corridor smaller and the rooms larger, it will go up in value. The price will even go up if you install more bathrooms and make the Appartement more modern. For example, with an open plan kitchen and living room.

Installing storage space

It may not seem important, but property buyers attribute a lot of value to storage capacity. Keep in mind that Appartements today are smaller than before and that people need space to keep lots of things.

Consequently, it is essential for your property to have ample space for storage. In line with this, you can install built-in wardrobes to make the most of empty spaces. This will also revalue your property.

Closing up the terraces

Although the weather in Cumbre del Sol is always lovely, some people may get cold on the terraces in winter. For this reason, it’s a good idea to close them up with glass windows. This way, they still have the views and can be used all year round, no matter the weather. What’s more, if the glass windows can be opened to soak up the summer heat, your property will be worth even more.

The energy rating, essential when revaluing a house in Cumbre del Sol

On the other hand, here at our estate agency in Cumbre del Sol we also recommend that your property has a good energy rating. To make sure of this, even if you own a Appartement, the building can install solar panels or other renewable sources of energy. Similarly, you can replace your electrical appliances for other more modern ones that consume less energy and have a better rating. You can even install smart home devices to increase your property’s value.

To conclude, these tips are essential if you want to revalue a house in Cumbre del Sol. Go ahead and follow them! Not only will your property be worth more money, but it will also be more modern and efficient.