Why is hiking in Cumbre del Sol a good option?

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Hiking in Cumbre del Sol is an excellent option to take care of your well-being. There are several routes that will allow you to discover the area in depth, as well as its vast nature.

Thus, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, while disconnecting from the day to day affairs.

Why is hiking in Cumbre del Sol a good option?

Hiking in Cumbre del Sol

Cumbre del Sol is a place that offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean and numerous green areas. To get to know this area, there are different routes that you can walk at your own pace. Some run parallel to the coast and others go inland. Likewise, there are flat terrains and other more elevated ones. You can opt for those with a few kilometers or for the more extensive ones, with beginner or expert level.

For example, you could do the circular route from Poble Nou de Benitachell to Benitachell itself. This route is 13 kilometers long. It is a moderately demanding trail, although it is accessible to most people. In addition, a good stretch runs near the coast and allows you to visit the Llevant viewpoint, whose views will surprise you.

Advantages of hiking

One of the most obvious advantages is that you get physical exercise, which can be challenging depending on the path you choose. Depending on the objectives you have, it will not be difficult to find a route that fits them. It is also an excellent option to relax and even to unleash your creativity. However, there are many others you should know about.

Health benefits

The benefits of physical activity at Cumbre del Sol are diverse. Hiking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps you strengthen your heart. It is also useful for increasing endurance and toning leg muscles. And all this can be achieved by maintaining a moderate pace, which you can increase without difficulty as you progress.

Enjoying the surroundings

The charm of the surroundings is another interesting advantage and, at the same time, a real attraction. As a general rule, the trails go through places of great beauty that are inaccessible by car. It is a way to get close to the native fauna and flora to get to know them closely. In Cumbre del Sol several natural parks await you, such as Montgó, which will captivate your senses.

Routes through the coves and beaches

Of all the trails, the ones that run near the beaches are among the most beautiful. In fact, the most famous is the Route of the Cliffs, which crosses the Moraig cove and reaches the Llebreig cove for four kilometers. It can be done in an hour as its difficulty is low and it offers amazing views. You will pass by some caves that were used by the local fishermen.

If you are interested in another route, the Ruta dels Testos is short but very challenging. The reason is that in some parts it is necessary to use a rope to advance. In addition, the path runs very close to the bed of the Barranc de l’Infern before reaching the coast. Despite its difficulty, it is worth climbing to the viewpoint in Cova dels Testos.

In turn, it deserves your attention the circular path, 2.6 kilometers long, that goes from Cumbre del Sol to Puig de la Llorença and that is not usually very frequented. It is a short walk that can be completed in just 50 minutes and whose difficulty is low. Its main attraction is that you will reach the top of a small hill where there are good views of the area.

Necessary clothing and accessories for hiking

To hike safely, you need to bring specific clothing and accessories, just as you do when practicing any other sport in Cumbre del Sol. Take note of what you should bring:

Breathable T-shirt. Opt for fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly to keep you cool and dry.
Comfortable pants. Wear pants that are lightweight and sturdy so you can move easily.
Sturdy footwear. Use hiking boots or shoes, since they provide ankle support and incorporate a grippy sole for uneven terrain.
Backpack. Choose a comfortable one and adjust it well to carry your belongings and supplies.
Water bottle. It is indispensable to keep you hydrated along the way.
Cap or hat. Protect your head and face from the sun. You will prevent sunstroke.
Map and compass or GPS. They are very useful to avoid getting disoriented if the route is not properly marked.

As you can see, hiking in Cumbre del Sol is an excellent plan if you are interested in practicing sports. There are numerous routes that you can walk at your own pace, while having other services available. If you are looking for a property in the area, Cumbre del Sol Pre Owned can help you find it, contact us without obligation!