Which factors impact a property valuation in Cumbre del Sol?

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Valuing a property in Cumbre del Sol is a key phase in the process of selling a home.

If you are considering selling your property, this is something that you probably already know.

But, do you know which factors most impact the valuation?

We explain below.

property valuation in Cumbre del Sol

The valuation and the aspects that affect it

Valuing a home in Cumbre del Sol ends with a document that estimates the property value. It is drawn up by a valuer who, throughout the process, analyses each and every feature of the property.

Remember that the price of a property and the appraisal value do not need to be the same. However, it is useful for giving you an idea of the amount that you could sell your property for in Cumbre del Sol. Moreover, banks often use this document to offer the buyer a mortgage.

With that said, we can now focus on analysing the factors that affect the appraisal value of a property in Cumbre del Sol. There are more than you could even begin to imagine at first.

Location, connections and services

This is the first aspect that the valuer will take into consideration as they do not need to visit the property to assess this. In general, the most valuable properties are those in large city centres, in well-equipped residential areas and those on the beachfront. Obviously, your home in Cumbre del Sol will stand out in this regard.

Connections that enable you to reach the property, by both public and private transport, are also taken into consideration at this point. And the same thing occurs with the services available in the vicinity (health centres and hospitals, schools and nurseries, etc.). After all, they directly affect the future resident’s comfort and quality of life.

House features in Cumbre del Sol

At this point, the valuer will have to visit the property to undertake a series of checks. More specifically, these include the following:

  • Surface area. This refers to both the built surface area and the useful surface area, which are not necessarily the same. In fact, they are almost never the same. They will also determine whether there are any additional spaces for private use, such as attics with exclusive access to the rooftop.
  • Layout. Once the surface area has been determined, the valuer will estimate how this is divided up inside the property. Proportionality is something that they often take great care over.
  • Age. Obviously, the newer the construction, the more it will cost. However, if there have been renovations inside the property to improve it, the value will also rise. This is the reason why it is always a good idea to invest a little to get it back later in the sale price.
  • Energy efficiency. This is currently one of the most significant factors impacting house prices in Cumbre del Sol. Bear in mind that the consumption difference between a poorly air-conditioned property and another that is well air-conditioned could reach 30%.
  • Direction. Generally speaking, south-facing and east-facing properties fare better in valuations than properties that are north-facing or west-facing. This is primarily due to the number of hours of light they get each day. However, it’s not just that, but also the times of day they get this light. In east-facing properties, the sun rays fall in the morning.

On top of all this, the valuer will also have to take into consideration the condition of the building in which the property is found in Cumbre del Sol. Gardens, the use of communal areas and the architecture of the building can also impact the appraisal value.

Other matters that affect a property valuation in Cumbre del Sol

After examining the property in depth, the valuer will proceed to analyse other factors. First of all, they will consider the use that it has or that it will have. This will vary depending on whether you want to sell it to a resident owner or to someone with a licence for tourist rentals, for example.

Finally, they will also review the property’s registry situation. We are referring, for example, to ownership and, more particularly, to charges included. Essentially, the debts. The lower these are, the higher the value will be.

In short, valuing a property in Cumbre del Sol will help give you a realistic idea of how much your property is worth. You will then be able to avoid the pitfalls of overvaluing a property in the area, for example. Our advice is that you always use the services of an estate agency in Cumbre del Sol. Why wait? Get in touch with us