Which are the best months for selling a house in Cumbre del Sol

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Selling a house in Cumbre del Sol can be the either best or the worst business deal, depending on the time of year.

In general, the most favourable months for these transactions are the months when your potential customers, tourists from abroad, are spending their holidays in the area.

Which are the best months for selling a house in Cumbre del Sol?

The best time to sell your house in Cumbre del Sol

Success in sales transactions for property in Cumbre del Sol is largely down to choosing the right moment. That, and having a good understanding of your potential customers. Due to the area in which it is located, summer tourists do not usually have any real interest in buying. In this case, it is the Central Europeans who consider buying a property in Spain.

Between February and June

According to the Kyero report on foreign property buyers in Spain, almost half of those interested are English-speakers (47%). These results are based on a national study on the sector. After these, citizens from the Netherlands, Germany and France follow with 15%, 13% and 12% of enquiries, respectively.

These countries take their winter holidays in February. With the snow season coming to an end, the British, the Germans and the French seek the Spanish sun. That’s why their first holidays in Spain are in the middle of February, when they have also financially recovered from Christmas.

So, this season of the year is perfect for doing business with your property in Cumbre del Sol and putting your house up for sale. Free from any competition from Spanish tourists, Europeans devote some of their free days to view houses on the Spanish coast. With the arrival of spring, when it is still very cold in northern Europe, Cumbre del Sol is the prime place for many foreign tourists. This window of opportunity to revitalise the area’s property market extends until the end of June.

Second half of the year

On the other hand, by the middle of September, Spanish tourism and overcrowding on the coast are beginning to dissipate. There are still, however, lots of sunny days remaining, which Europeans make the most of to enjoy Spain in a more relaxed environment. So, after the summer, the area’s property sector is stirred once again.

For example, in the German state of Bavaria, they have several days of holidays in Autumn. More specifically, they take them at the end of October and beginning of November. The first of these is when they celebrate their traditional Oktoberfest. Many people enjoy the holiday away from the cold weather in Germany, where they are already beginning to see the first frosts. At this time of the year, the Costa Blanca is the perfect destination for a holiday. Less than three hours away by aeroplane, it turns into a place for relaxing, and also for making property transactions.

Finally, December can also be a good month for putting your house up for sale. Before the Christmas season begins, the weather is still good on the coast and it continues to welcome visitors. In fact, interest in viewing properties continues until around the middle of the month.

What are the benefits of selling in winter?

Despite the above, many property owners dismiss the option of selling during the winter months and prefer to do it in summer. This can be a big mistake as the colder months offer a series of “seasonal” benefits, which property owners should know about. Here are the most interesting ones.

More seriousness among potential buyers

A big (and very common) problem that sellers come up against is the viewers who have little interest in buying. In winter, people do not want to go out as much, so those who do so do it because they are genuinely showing an interest in purchasing property.

Also, at the beginning of the year, many customers make a resolution to buy property and this is when they are most motivated. This makes them want to make a deal as quickly as possible and they accelerate the transaction—especially tourists who come for a few days to decide.

Less competition for your property in Cumbre del Sol

As winter is the season when many property owners prefer not to sell, your property faces less competition among potential customers. Buyers who want to complete a transaction in that particular season will discover a much less saturated property market. As a result, your property will become more relevant and will stand out more than if you were to put it up for sale in the middle of summer.

In conclusion, the best months for selling a house in Cumbre del Sol are the months that coincide with European tourists’ holidays. According to a Kyero study, these citizens are the most interested in buying properties in this area. For more information, visit us!