The keys to home staging in Cumbre del Sol

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The method of home staging in Cumbre del Sol involves employing property marketing techniques in order to increase sales in this area of the Mediterranean.

Want to find out more? In this article, we give you the key points.

The keys to home staging in Cumbre del Sol

What is home staging?

Every estate agency in Cumbre del Sol must convince potential clients that their properties are the best regarding the price-quality ratio in the whole area. How can they stand out from the competition and enhance how attractive their listings are? The answer lies in a very current marketing technique in the sector known as home staging.

This methodology revalues and prepares the property in question to boost its chances of being rented or sold. The aim is to reach the highest possible number of people and to give the flat, establishment, or house the characteristics that are most sought-after by buyers: discreet, welcoming and exemplary.

If a property is unattractive, not only does it take longer to find a buyer or tenant, but it also reduces the profit margin for the owner. Therefore, making the necessary adjustments to change the property for the better will boost its chances of being sold. It is important to remember that these changes cannot be more costly (financially speaking) than the benefits obtained when the property is rented or sold.

How to stage a property in Cumbre del Sol

Using home staging to sell a house in Cumbre del Sol involves a set of actions from which the most necessary ones must be chosen. In other words, there is no need to include them all; rather you must simply carry out an initial study and pinpoint the areas that can be improved. Here are some ideas to make your house or establishment much more attractive.

Small renovations

Doing renovations always provokes a certain feeling of discomfort, time, and money. However, it’s what will revalue the property the most. It is especially relevant to pay attention to the state of the kitchen and bathroom. If these rooms are particularly run-down or are very old, the best thing to do is give them a small touch-up.

Putting in a new floor, wall tiles, and furniture will significantly boost the selling price. Not only that, you’ll get more people interested and you’ll only have to invest a small budget.

General touch-up

The paint job on the walls, imperfections, or broken floor tiles not only give off a terrible image, but also, in the best case scenario, the interested buyer will offer you much less compared to the asking price. Painting the walls and fixing the small imperfections before showing the property will give it a much cleaner, newer look.

You can add the price of a painter to that of the house and multiply it by two. It’s an investment that’s truly worth it.

Regarding the floor, check whether it’s broken, worn, our simply too old, giving an aged look to the property. Many buyers prefer the house to come with new flooring, so that they can move in straight away. There are very cheap floating floors available on the market that imitate parquet, stone, or wood, giving the home a remarkable look.

​Professional photos of the unfurnished property

It may well be true that a house is much more attractive when it is furnished and decorated, but the truth is that this is quite subjective and can reduce the number of interested buyers. Unless you have exquisite taste or you’re targeting a specific kind of buyer, it’s best to show the home or establishment without furniture.

Nowadays, you can upload interactive and professional videos or photos to property portals where all the rooms can be seen in more detail. If you would like to make the property more attractive, go for these kinds of pictures.

Cleanliness and fresh smell

There’s nothing worse than showing a property that is dirty or smells bad. Potential buyers won’t only be judging with their eyes, how the property smells is also crucial when making a decision. In fact, the brain remembers scent the best, which means that if the visitor notices strong smells in the property, they’ll associate them with something negative.

If the previous tenant was a smoker, for example, it’s likely that the unpleasant smell of tobacco will have lingered. Of course, make sure that there is no rubbish inside the home, not even bags filled with paper, and that everything is as clean and tidy as possible.

Ultimately, home staging techniques in Cumbre del Sol aim to make properties more attractive for selling or renting. The main goals are to boost the profit margin, increasing the number of visitors and potential buyers or tenants. If you want to put your property up for sale with us, give us a call!