Sports activities you can practice in Cumbre del Sol

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There are many sports activities to do in Cumbre del Sol. The offer is very wide and covers different disciplines both on land and at sea.

But you can not only test your skills, you can also learn to relax and control your emotions.

Sports activities you can practice in Cumbre del Sol

Sports activities at Cumbre del Sol

Sports in Cumbre del Sol is another of the attractions offered by the place. In such a paradisiacal environment, there is no lack of outdoor activities. Thanks to them, you can get in shape, disconnect from the daily routine or discover the beauty of the local nature. To give you an idea of what awaits you, here are some outstanding examples.


There are all kinds of routes that run near the beach or inland. It is one of the most attractive options if you want to know in depth the natural beauty of Cumbre del Sol. You will walk along paths surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and that, sometimes, are developed on the cliffs. The latter is what justifies that there are so many viewpoints, points of great interest if you are a lover of photography.

In addition, the trails are signposted so that you know where you are and there are information panels. So you will not miss any important places, such as caves used as shelters or unparalleled geological formations. If you are wondering about a trail, the Cliffs Route or the Moraig Fault Route are highly recommended. Of course, before leaving, check the difficulty to find the one that best suits your circumstances.

Paddle and tennis

Tennis and paddle tennis are two options available in Cumbre del Sol, because they are sports that are widely practiced in the area. Such is the passion that tournaments are often organized for neighbors and nearby towns. Undoubtedly, an attractive option to make new friends and test your reflexes. In addition, you will enjoy the games with amazing views because it is very close to the Mediterranean.

The facilities are of high quality and are adapted to all levels. If you want to start practicing, you only have to sign up in some of the clubs. There is also the possibility of reserving a court, although you should always make the arrangements well in advance.

Horseback riding

In Cumbre del Sol there is an equestrian center open all year round and with very complete facilities. It is a place where you can learn to ride and where you can sign up for excursions. They are ideal to get to know the area in a different way, especially the Granadella natural park. It also has a boarding service and a children’s farm full of animals.


Kayaking is one of the activities you can do at sea. It is an experience focused on getting to know the coast of Cumbre del Sol and enjoying the crystal clear waters. Guided routes are organized to see the most interesting spots and hidden coves. If you want to keep fit, this is one of the best options.

Diving and snorkeling

Physical activity at Cumbre del Sol is complemented by these two disciplines, which are highly recommended due to the quality of the water. As it is crystal clear and calm, diving and snorkeling are very attractive. There are numerous places where you can practice both, such as Moraig beach. If you dive in its surroundings, you will see that it has a series of submerged galleries. Of course, to visit them safely you will have to be accompanied.

You will also find a multitude of alternatives adapted to your skills. For example, the aforementioned grotto at Moraig beach is intended for medium level divers in the first section. The rest is recommended only for very experienced professionals. Beyond the caves, it is always possible to dive in the calm and crystalline waters in front of the coves.


Finally, during the summer, yoga classes are organized in several of its modalities (vinyasa or ying yan, among others). The objective is to learn to relax while remaining in harmony with nature. If you are interested in taking care of your body and mind, it is one of the most attractive options. As in sports, you can practice various levels, from introductory to advanced.

Undoubtedly, a way to find yourself in a natural and beautiful environment. It will not be difficult for you to concentrate on the exercises you have to do, which is very helpful.

As you have seen, there are a multitude of sports activities that you can do. Almost all of them take place outdoors and are adapted to your level. Also, there are all kinds of services available in the urbanization at your disposal. If you want to buy a property in Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned, we will help you find it, ask us your questions!