Selling a house in Cumbre del Sol in spring: Advantages and tips

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Would you like to sell a house in Cumbre del Sol and you are unsure of when the best time would be?

Spring is an excellent time due to the good weather and with the school holidays just around the corner.

In fact, peak sales were recorded in spring in2017, 2019 and 2022.

In this article, we will look into the reasons for this and give you some tips.

Selling a house in Cumbre del Sol in spring: Advantages and tips

Why is spring a good time to sell?

Bear in mind that the most important factor when it comes to selling a property is not when, but where the property is located. For this reason, given the characteristics of the area, the real estate industry in Cumbre del Sol is always dynamic and appealing.

It is a beautiful location on the coast, with excellent infrastructure and transport links. It has security services, as well as educational, health and leisure facilities a stone’s throw away. Therefore, the time of year is of secondary importance. However, if you had to choose, these are the reasons in favour of selling in spring.

The climate encourages people to see out opportunities

The days are starting to get longer, the weather is getting better and people are more open to checking out what the market has to offer. Broadly speaking, unlike in winter, people like walking and doing outdoor activities.

If, on top of this, you are looking to buy a property, this could be the perfect time. On the other hand, beautifully-designed buildings are particularly attractive, even more so if they have a garden or swimming pool.

The school year is drawing to an end

In other words, the summer holidays are just around the corner. Therefore, if you come across a good deal in spring, you could easily move in summer. So, if you have kids, the move won’t get in the way of their studies. Furthermore, the whole family will have more free time, especially the little ones, who will have a great time.

Sales rise after the holidays

Despite everything we have just said, just like we do not recommend setting too high an asking price, you also should not overestimate the possibilities at this time of year. Bear in mind that, according to some studies, December and April are usually the slowest months for property sales.

This is because they come right after the Christmas and Easter holidays. Therefore, selling in spring has its upsides, but we recommend analysing the context.

Tips and recommendations for this time of year

As we have just explained, there are compelling reasons to jump into the property market in the spring. Nevertheless, the key lies in doing it in the right way to ensure a successful sale. Here are some tips to optimise the result.

Find a good real estate agency

This tip comes in handy at any time of year, but it is key. For a number of reasons, e.g. to create opportunities, to open up to new potential buyers and to set an asking price you are happy with.

You will be obtain an in-depth analysis and first-hand information about the housing market in the vicinity as well as potential competitors. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry too much about the process; leave the paperwork to the real estate agents.

Paint and spruce up your property to make the best possible impression

To look its best, your space needs to be well painted and tidy. This means that minor repair work will need to be carried out. At this time of year when things look brighter and more colourful, your property needs to look new. So, nothing could be better than sprucing it up.

Meticulously look after the garden and swimming pool

If you have landscaped areas or a swimming pool, make sure that hedges and lawns are well trimmed and watered. Plants, trees and grass should look as neat as possible. These will be sure to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Many potential buyers are looking for green areas, in particular those with kids or pets. The same thing goes for the swimming pool. For some people it is a must when looking to buy a property, in particular in areas with a pleasant climate.

Place vases with plants and flowers around the property with meticulous attention to detail

This is another strategy to stand out and make visitors fall in love with your house. A good mix of plants and flowers always gives off a fresh, summery and very attractive vibe. Don’t forget to look after smells, for an even more pleasant atmosphere that will be sure to make a good first impression.

As you can see, spring is a great season to find buyers willing to pay your asking price. However, seek expert guidance and advice to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Even though this is a dynamic time of year for the property market, make sure you take the right steps for the outcome you want. If you want more information about selling a house in Cumbre del Sol, get in touch with us.