Restaurant guide to enjoy the best gastronomy in Cumbre del Sol

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The gastronomy in Cumbre del Sol is very varied and of high quality.

There are different places where you can try traditional and avant-garde dishes.

Each one has its own personality, but they all share one thing in common: amazing views.

You can enjoy the best food overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Restaurant guide to enjoy the best gastronomy in Cumbre del Sol

Where to eat in Cumbre del Sol?

In Cumbre del Sol there is not only a beautiful landscape and magnificent views, the local cuisine will also conquer you. There are many restaurants in Cumbre del Sol that you should visit, as they tempt you with an extensive menu full of great-tasting preparations. To know the most notable ones, be sure to read.

La Cumbre Restaurant

This is a family restaurant located in Poble Nou de Benitatxell. Its location is one of the best, as it offers views of the sea and the cliffs in the area. As for the menu, Mediterranean cuisine is dominant, as it could not be otherwise. You can taste hot and cold starters, rice, meat and fish. In addition, they change the daily menu depending on the season of the year to take advantage of the best products of each season.

The menu awaits you from piquillo peppers stuffed with shrimp and vegetables to a Valencian paella, meat and vegetables. And keep in mind that all the ingredients used are of local origin, another added bonus when visiting the restaurant.

Como en Casa

You will find it in the Cumbre del Sol sports club and it stands out because its cuisine has a homey touch. The owners want you to feel at home and enjoy a magnificent experience. There is no shortage of paellas or squid prepared in different ways on their menu. Likewise, its strong points include its competitive prices, attentive service and availability of a paddle tennis court.

Pure Kitchen

It is the Pure Wellness center restaurant, whose gastronomic approach is oriented towards your well-being. It has a selection of organic juices and smoothies, as well as great-tasting salads and sandwiches. It also has a menu of the day, another for lunch, dishes for children and catering service. It is one of the healthiest choices to eat in Cumbre del Sol.

Not only is their food delicious and healthy, but there are vegan alternatives. Some examples are your breakfasts, various purees or cheese. If you are a follower of this style of eating, you cannot miss visiting Pure Kitchen.

The Equestrian

When you want to spend a day to remember, it is one of the best options. The restaurant is in the Equestrian Club and its gastronomic offer is designed for the whole family. Offers daily and specific menus for groups. In addition, you can ride a horse to round out the day or visit the school animals, something that children will love.

Kiosko del sol

Kiosko del Sol is the place to go to try various types of freshly baked bread. You can choose between several alternatives, as well as several other products. A good example are their sandwiches and German delicacies, which you won’t be able to find elsewhere in Cumbre del Sol. They also have an online ordering service to speed up your purchases and avoid having to wait in line.

They also have a monthly home delivery food delivery plan. It’s called LunchBox and it allows you to save time in the kitchen, but without sacrificing the good taste of the dishes. And if you are a person who loves sweets, cakes and ice creams await you at Kiosko del Sol. It is a versatile establishment where you can sit to disconnect from your daily life.

Glamping Dreamsea

Finally, Glamping Dreamsea is a campsite for surfers that has a very peculiar restaurant, as much as the place itself. You will enjoy dishes cooked by a team of experts led by chef Juan Andrés Delgado while you relax. The good vibes and music are very present, as are the views of the sea.

You can enjoy sweet, savory or healthy breakfasts, as well as tapas at midday and dinners where local products prevail. The chef usually visits the nearby fish markets in search of the best fresh fish, a detail to pay close attention to. As for the dishes, you can try anything from patatas bravas to a burrata salad. And to top off a meal, homemade desserts are a good option, as is the cocktail menu.

Gastronomy in Cumbre del Sol has a unique personality. From traditional to modern styles, you can’t complain about the options available. Its dishes allow you to get closer to the local culture, which is characterized by its tranquility. And if you are looking for the best homes and to know the services of the urbanization, at Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned we will be happy to help you. Trust us!