How to get a house ready to sell in Cumbre del Sol

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Are you thinking about selling your home in this beautiful spot?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are offering valuable tips and tricks to get your property ready in a way that will capture the attention of buyers.

From the first impression to the subtlest of details.

Discover how to get properties in Cumbre del Sol to shine and stand out in this area’s competitive property market.

Prepare to sell successfully and maximise the value of your home!

How to get a house ready to sell in Cumbre del Sol

Guide to getting a house ready to sell in Cumbre del Sol

Below, we’re going to address every key aspect to encouraging house sales in Cumbre del Sol. You’ll see how they help you maximise the appeal of your home in this area’s property market.

Clear away the mess!

Get rid of what you don’t need. Store personal items, souvenirs and unnecessary decorations in boxes. Leave only the essentials to emphasise the available space and allow buyers to visualise how they would decorate the home in their own style. If you’re going to leave it up to an estate agency in Cumbre del Sol, we recommend you leave it looking at its best to help them take photos.

Do a deep clean

Sweep, hoover and dust every shelf thoroughly. Pay attention to corners, furniture, windows and appliances as well as tiles, bathroom taps and the kitchen. A clean home creates a good impression and increases its value!

Put yourself in the shoes of those who are interested and potential buyers. Even though they may want to later make the home their own or do alterations, a dirty and unkempt place will upset them. First impressions are very important.

Paint the walls in neutral colours

It’s always a good idea to lend a hand with paint when you want to sell a property. Go for soft, neutral colours like white, beige or light grey as these shades help rooms look larger. They also allow the buyers to imagine how they would personalise the space in their own style.

Make small repairs

Check around your property and repair any damaged items, such as dripping taps, switches that don’t work or doors that squeak. These small details can make the difference and convey a sense of upkeep and proper maintenance.

Don’t forget the exterior

Devote time to improving the appearance of your property’s exterior, if applicable. Paint the doors and windows, repair any cracks or visible damage and clean the garden. As far as possible, add plants and flowers to create a welcoming atmosphere that appeals from first sight.

Organise the furniture

If you don’t want to sell the property empty, make sure that the furniture is well laid out and doesn’t obstruct the flow of the home. Remove anything that isn’t necessary so that rooms appear more spacious and open.

Improve lighting

Before each viewing, try to open the curtains and blinds, and clean the windows well to allow natural light in. If there are spaces with not much natural light, or it’s a ground floor, devise an alternative plan to improve it. For example, you can add extra lamps or spotlights to create a brighter, more pleasant atmosphere, even when the weather isn’t on your side.

Add some final touches

Consider some subtle decor that can emphasise the beauty of your home. Look on the internet for all sorts of ideas. Decorative cushions, stylish curtains, strategically-placed pictures or mirrors will make a room more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

Hire a professional photographer

If you’re going to sell it yourself, bear in mind that photos are essential for attracting online buyers. Hire a photographer who specialises in real estate and who knows how to emphasise your property’s strong points. Make sure that the photos are high quality and show each room in a good light.

Advertise yourself!

Lastly, don’t forget to advertise your home on popular property websites and use social media to reach a wider audience. Organise viewings and display all the features that make your home unique, such as panoramic views or outdoor areas (balconies, patios, etc.). Highlight the most attractive aspects to make buyers fall in love with it.


Follow these tips and you’ll be on the way to getting your property ready to sell to its fullest potential! Properties in Cumbre del Sol must reflect some of the area’s appeal: natural light and lots of sun. Remember that the presentation must be good and attention to detail can make the difference when selling your home. And if you need professional help… come and see us!