How to avoid losing money with a house sale in Cumbre del Sol

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There are many signs to indicate that the time has come to proceed with selling a home in Cumbre del Sol.

If you do decide to go ahead, you will obviously want to ensure you don’t lose any money along the way.

However, market trends can change from one day to the next, which is why it is a good idea to maximise precaution.

As such, at our estate agency in Cumbre del Sol we want to offer you a series of suggestions that will, no doubt, be very useful for getting the best sale price. Will you join us?

How to avoid losing money with a house sale in Cumbre del Sol

Tips for selling a home without losing money

The top tip we can give you, and probably the most valuable of all when it comes to selling a home in Cumbre del Sol, is not to rush. Bear in mind that doing things in a rush prevents you from making the best decisions – whether you choose a very low price in the end or whether you end up overvaluing the property.

Analyse the property market in Cumbre del Sol

It’s true that properties in Cumbre del Sol maintain a good value throughout the year. However, as we have analysed before now, some months are better than others for proceeding with the sale.

Now, in spite of this, you need take into account the overall situation and the property market trends. Houses are currently considered a safe investment security, but this could change. Your aim should always be to buy when the general context is not great and then to sell when the “fat cows” come calling.

Hire an official valuer

It may be that you love your property in Cumbre del Sol and it holds an almost incalculable value for you. That’s normal. After all, the location is exceptional. However, when it comes to putting it up for sale, you need to be realistic.

But, how can you know exactly what the sale value of a home in Cumbre del Sol is? The only way is to hire an official valuer. This professional will be responsible for analysing the location of the property, its features and its registry status. On the basis of the information that they compile and a detailed study of all the elements involved, they will provide you with a document indicating the property appraisal value.

Obviously, the appraisal value and the sale value do not need to be the same. However, if the sale value is much higher than the appraisal value, you may find it difficult to find potential buyers.

Invest in your property before selling it

The previous point leads us directly to this one. What we mean is that, before you put the property on the market, make it appealing to potential buyers. How? Sometimes all it takes is a few small alterations.

There are buyers who are willing to pay up to 30% for the pleasure of buying a property that they can move into straightaway, i.e. saving them from doing any building work. The floor, the bathroom and kitchen tiles or the partition walls are the investments where you’ll see the biggest return.

Check the contract thoroughly

Let’s imagine that you have found a buyer for your property in Cumbre del Sol. Obviously, the first thing that you will agree on will be the price, on which there will be no doubt. However, many other clauses that could financially impact you in various ways can be specified in the contract.

For example, the contract must stipulate whether the property is being sold with or without furniture. The handover date for the keys will also be clarified. Generally speaking, this is the same day that the contract of sale is signed, but not always.

The buyer, on the other hand, can make the transaction conditional upon their own valuation or upon a structural assessment. With any of these clauses, if you don’t properly calculate their impact, they are bound to cause you serious financial losses.

Put your trust in an estate agency in Cumbre del Sol

The estate agent responsible for managing the sale of your property will be the one who can give you the best advice to avoid losing money in the transaction. Bear in mind that they will have a solid understanding of the property market in Cumbre del Sol and they will be responsible for looking out for your interests throughout.

So, if you are interested in selling a home in Cumbre del Sol, please get in touch with us. Our estate agents will be happy to help you determine the right price to ensure you don’t lose money. However, not just that. They will also look for potential clients in their portfolios and they will guide you throughout the process so you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can count on us!