How profitable is selling a property in Cumbre del Sol?

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Cumbre del Sol is a highly dynamic, touristic area, and it’s on the coast. These three features can make a community incredibly profitable from a property point of view.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about selling your property, you should make the most of the advantages of the property market in Cumbre del Sol.

Discover all the key points in this article.

How profitable is selling a property in Cumbre del Sol?

What is the property market like in Cumbre del Sol?

Over the past few years, the price per square metre in touristic areas has gone up. This is due to two main aspects that have encouraged the increase of profitability in Cumbre del Sol:

  • The touristic boom on the Alicante coast, which shot up suddenly after the pandemic.
  • The increase of international visitors, who are more interested in acquiring a holiday home.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the pandemic has brought about a strong demand for properties in less urban areas. In this sense, the coast is one of the most popular options. Since lockdown, this phenomenon has grown even more intense. Now, it seems to have plateaued, showing that this trend is here to stay.

If we analyse the current numbers, they couldn’t be more optimistic. Today, selling a property in Cumbre del Sol is a much more profitable operation compared to a few years ago. As we have seen, there are several factors than have triggered a ‘perfect storm’, from which you can benefit.

Numbers to explain the current situation

The town of Benitachell, where this community is located, seems to have quite a high average value. In terms of sales, the price is around €3000/m². So that you can get a better idea in context, in January 2018 it was €1870/m². In general, it’s the highest it’s ever been, following an ever-rising trend.

However, do the previous factors—derived from the pandemic—still have an impact on the prices? Although we’re past the peak phase, the positive consequences can still be perceived. To understand it better, here are three basic key points that encourage optimism in the property sector:

  • In June 2021, the average price was €2380/m².
  • Consequently, this year it has risen by 26%.
  • The result is an increase of almost €1000/m².

What we want to reflect is that Cumbre del Sol is a privileged area in the Alicante province. From a property point of view, it’s one of the most favoured due to the rise in prices. The average in the region is €2000/m², meaning that this area is way above average.

If we highlight the values of the houses in addition to their surface area, the numbers are even more impressive. Evidently, it all depends on aspects such as the furniture, the fittings, renovations, or the energy rating. However, location plays an essential role in terms of the upper limit. In this way, a property with 60-120 m² can have a value of over €250,000.

Is it worth selling in Cumbre del Sol?

After having seen the general landscape—which, as you can see, is highly favourable—, it is useful to analyse what lies behind the scenes. Without a doubt, it is a privileged area. This is mostly because it is in Benitachell, the third most expensive town out of the 141 that make up the province of Alicante.

Privileged microclimate

In this community, as well as its surroundings, there is a very particular microclimate. It is due to a combination of three factors influenced directly by the Mediterranean sea:

  • The coastal effect, which modulates the temperatures in summer and winter.
  • The easterly winds, known for being gentle and not very humid.
  • The special amount of sun, with more than 320 days of sun per year on average.

Its exceptional location

Cumbre del Sol sits on a hill of the same name, which is divided between two towns, Jávea and Moraira. Both enjoy a spectacular contrast of landscapes and historical surroundings. Thanks to this, they receive more attention from tourists, and, therefore, have a more dynamic economy.

An area of high standing

Evidently, it’s no secret to you that the properties in this area are luxurious. The same goes for the leisure, educational, and sports offerings, which are designed for higher income households. You should know that the most expensive properties are those that can fluctuate the most in your favour.

As you have seen, the property market in Cumbre del Sol is characterised by its excellent profitability. Our advice is that you don’t let this opportunity to trust the experts and make the most of all these factors slip through your fingers. Here at Cumbre del Sol Pre Owned, we take care of your project so that you can make the most profit. Get in touch with us!