Common mistakes when trying to sell property in Cumbre del Sol

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Do you want to sell a house in Cumbre del Sol?

Pay attention! Avoid making the following mistakes so that you don’t find yourself in an ineffective, slow selling process.

Take note and avoid them in order to make the transaction simpler and more lucrative.

Common mistakes when trying to sell property in Cumbre del Sol

7 mistakes to avoid when selling a house in Cumbre del Sol

The property market in Cumbre del Sol is dynamic, since it attracts a high number of buyers. Generally speaking, a deal in this area can be closed quickly and simply, as long as you don’t slip-up in one of the following ways:

1. Setting a price that’s too high

Oftentimes, our first impulse is to establish a value that is excessively high, above what the market dictates. In such situations, an estate agency in Cumbre del Sol will be able to appropriately value the property. At the end of the day, they have much more information and knowledge.

Why shouldn’t you ask for too much? The answer is clear: you’ll drive buyers away. For this reason, the best idea is to set a price in line with the market, perhaps even a little lower. This way, you’ll avoid wasting time and you won’t have to negotiate and reduce the price several times.

2. Not keeping in mind Cumbre del Sol’s potential in terms of location

Few places on the Spanish coast are as beautiful as here. This attracts a large amount of possible buyers who are looking to access the lifestyle it can offer. Therefore, use it to your advantage, given that it’s a wonderful quality of the property. If you need to turn to a good marketing campaign, go for it. You’ll see that you can get quick, satisfying results.

3. Ignoring the market situation

Not paying attention to the current state of the market can lead to bad decisions, since any change can affect the process. Therefore, stay informed and gather data. Look into the profile of potential buyers, the prices in the area or houses up for sale, and research the general economic landscape and everything that can influence the situation.

4. Working with the wrong estate agency in Cumbre del Sol

Many sellers don’t set aside enough time to choose the right estate agency and estate agent. However, it’s crucial that they are specialised in your type of property and are knowledgeable about the Cumbre del Sol area. What’s more, being able to handle the profile of potential buyers is essential. The same is true when it comes to mastering sales techniques. For this reason, look for an agent with experience, knowledge and a good track record who is easy to get along with.

5. Wanting to do all the work alone

When it comes to selling your house, not working with experts closes an uncountable number of doors. If you choose to go solo, you’ll have access to less information as well as fewer clients and opportunities. At the end of the day, estate agencies have an intricate network of resources, experience, and knowledge at their fingertips in order to successfully tackle such transactions.

6. Not preparing the property for sale

Image plays a key role in closing a deal. In this context, underestimating the power of aesthetics will limit your chances in terms of selling your property. For this reason, we recommend that you pay close attention to the decor, paint the walls, tend to the garden, and set everything up with the possible buyer in mind. Equally, try to avoid messiness and revamp the property’s aesthetic. In this way, the buyer will have a clear vision of the possibilities your house has to offer.

In order to achieve a good image, keep your decor neutral, clean the different spaces thoroughly, and declutter the rooms.

7. Not working with an agent who speaks several languages

Around this area, 80% of people looking to buy property are foreign. For this reason, fluently speaking languages such as English, French, or German will make all the difference. In this sense, it is ideal to work with agents who can communicate in up to seven languages, in order to reach a public that is as wide as possible. If you manage this, your options will multiply and the selling process will be much quicker.

Overall, success in the process of selling a house is dependent on paying attention to various details in order to avoid mistakes that can be detrimental. To this end, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, accompany them during the visit and listen. As such, you will be able to provide them with solutions to the questions they may bring up. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to ask experts who work with marketing and advertising campaigns and who have extensive (and updated) market knowledge for help. With this approach, you’ll be hanging up the ‘sold’ sign much earlier than you think. What’s more, selling a house in Cumbre del Sol shouldn’t be a difficult goal to achieve, since it’s a paradise filled with beautiful landscapes and a pleasant climate all year round. However, if you need help and personalised advice, get in touch with us.