Closing a house sale in Cumbre del Sol: tips for a successful sale

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Cumbre del Sol has a dynamic property market, so there’s no shortage of opportunities.

A key phase in the process of selling a house in Cumbre del Sol is closing the sale.

This is the key to a sale going through successfully.

So, in order to ensure a hitch-free sale, a number of guidelines need to be followed.

This article gives you some key tips so that nothing is left up to chance.

Closing a house sale in Cumbre del Sol

Closing a house sale in Cumbre del Sol

There are a few important steps in the process of closing the sale of a house in Cumbre del Sol. There are also a few key aspects to bear in mind, such as the documentation to be compiled or the agreements on the first payments. We recommend seeking professional help for property and legal assistance alike. Let’s look at how you can prepare.

Documents required

Before closing the sale, you need to thoroughly go through all the important documentation. On the day the sale is closed, you’ll need to bring all the original documents and as many copies as needed. This includes the following documents:

  • Land Registry Report from the Property Registry.
  • Title deed or deed of sale.
  • Last Local Property Tax​​ (IBI) receipt.
  • Community of Property Owners debt certificate in the event it isn’t a single-family dwelling.
  • Community of Property Owners fee receipt.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate.
  • Utility bills.

Before taking all this material to the signing, make sure you have gone over it thoroughly to ensure everything is in order. By doing so, you’ll avoid unnecessary delays or jeopardising the sale from going through.

Who needs to attend the closing of the sale?

Some people need to attend theclosing of a house sale in Cumbre del Sol. Each person has a different part to play, which could be of the utmost importance depending on the case.

Of course, the signatories to the sale contract need to be there. In other words, the buyer and the seller must be present. The estate agent is also advised to attend. Lastly, it’s always a good idea for a legal representative to oversee the entire process. Doing so will ensure that all procedures are duly executed.

Each party present has a specific role to ensure that the sale goes through without a hitch. Having all the parties present means any questions or concerns that may arise can be properly dealt with.

Tips for successfully closing a sale

There’s a lot of money at stake when selling a house. What’s more, many property sellers in Cumbre del Sol want to do things by the book. So, they want everything to be plain sailing, with no setbacks. Bear in mind the following for a hitch-free sale.

Go over all the documentation

Go over the documentation thoroughly before the date on which the plot in Cumbre del Sol is to be sold. Draw up a list like the one above. When the day comes, go over it and check that everything is on it and in order. Make sure you understand each and every clause and term set forth in the contract. This will help you raise any concerns you may have. You can even come up with answers to the most likely questions that may arise, so that you come across as being secure and confident.

Address any concerns

It’s highly likely that the buyer will be eager to start enjoying their acquisition as soon as possible. Nevertheless, they might have some last-minute doubts. So, be ready to clear up any concerns that could arise. This can avoid misunderstandings and potential disputes further down the line. The buyer might want to ask you about the characteristics of the property again, the terms of the agreement or even deadlines. It’s a good idea to come up with answers to the most probable and frequently asked questions.

Use sale acceleration techniques

The psychological technique is part of all sales. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to handle the sense of urgency and put acceleration techniques into practice. However, when it’s time for the closing, virtually everything has already been decided. So, all the work carried out beforehand will bear fruit.

Payments start

This is another aspect that needs to be clear to all parties. There’s a number of initial payments that need to be made. For example, your property must be free of debts. Make sure you’re up to date in this respect. On the other hand, you might’ve agreed for the buyer to pay you a deposit. All these loose ends must be complied with as stipulated.

To sum up, closing the sale of a house in Cumbre del Sol can be straightforward and quick if you’ve put in the work beforehand. So, be meticulous and go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. Property industry professionals will help you. If you’re looking for more information and professional assistance, get in touch with us.