Buying a house in Cumbre del Sol for foreigners: requirements

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Buying a house in Cumbre del Sol is possible for foreign nationals.

Whether you’re a citizen of the European Union or not, there are hardly any obstacles to acquiring property.

To find out what you need to do, pay attention.

Buying a house in Cumbre del Sol for foreigners: requirements

Requirements for buying a house in Cumbre del Sol

There are few requirements to buy a house in Spain as a foreign national. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from another country within the European Union or a non-member state, all you need to do is:

  • Obtain a NIE, or Foreigner’s Identification Number. This is a document you can request in Spain or from your country’s Spanish consulate. You can also delegate the process to a legal representative.

Although there is only one requirement, we also have a few recommendations for you. One of them is to open a bank account in Spain to simplify the payment of taxes and your mortgage. Nothing will stop you using your current bank account in your own country, but it’s likely you’ll be charged more fees.

Another important aspect is legal advice, it is advisable to hire a local lawyer specialised in the purchase and sale of real estate. This is an essential professional in the purchase process, as it will give validity to your purchase.


This is the Foreigner’s Identification Number, an essential document without which you won’t be able to acquire property. There are two options for obtaining it: request it in Spain or at a Spanish consulate. If you opt for the first method, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of them is that you can only request it if you are in the country legally. For example, if you have a tourist visa, you’ll have 90 days to carry out the formalities.

The third thing to remember is that, in order to request an NIE, there must be a justifying cause or need. One of the many valid reasons is the desire to purchase property in Spain. You can prove this through a notarised declaration, or by presenting the documents for a deposit contract. When you’re ready to start the application, visit a police station.

EU citizens

Depending on your situation, there are various types of NIE. For European Union citizens, there is a temporary version and a permanent version. The first is designed for people who don’t want to live in Spain, but who will be carrying out an activity in the country. A good example is the purchase or sale of a property. The second is the permanent version, intended for people who wish to stay in the country long term.

Non-EU citizens

Different options are available for non-EU citizens. The resident NIE, as in the case above, allows you to stay in the country for more than 183 days a year. There is also the non-resident NIE, which allows holders to buy property even if they don’t live in Spain or have any desire to do so.

Property hunt in Cumbre del Sol

When it comes to looking for property, the best thing to do is turn to an estate agent in Cumbre del Sol. Their professionals know the 2024 property market in this area inside out, which will make it easier to find your dream house. What’s more, they’ll offer you advice and support, adapted to your specific case. As such, you’ll be able to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.


There are two contracts you should be familiar with:

  • Reserve contract. This is signed when the buyer makes a deposit of between 1–5% of the property’s value. Once complete, the seller must remove the property from the market and cancel any other offers.
  • Deposit contract. This requires a payment of 10% of the total price of the property, although the seller may end up selling it to another person. In this case, they’ll need to pay you double the amount you provided. However, if you cancel the process, you will lose your money.

Public deed

This is a legal document that certifies the transfer of a property. This must be signed before a notary and recorded in the property register, which will make the document legally binding. Remember that this is a key element for a property sale, as it creates evidence that proves you are the owner.


There are a series of taxes you will need to pay:

  • VAT, or value added tax. This affects new homes and amounts to 10% of the property’s value.
  • Transfer tax, known as ITP. This charges a 10% tax on pre-owned homes.
  • Documented legal deeds, or AJD. This applies whenever a legal deed is drawn up.

Don’t forget to comply with the requirements of purchasing a home in Cumbre del Sol. Although you only need a Foreigner’s Identification Number, this document is just the start of a long process. At Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned, we’re here to help you find you the property you’ve been looking for. Discover our services!