Beaches and coves to enjoy the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca

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The beaches of the Costa Blanca stand out for their enormous beauty. Whether they are large or smaller, they allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean and an unparalleled landscape.

Among all those that await you, those located in Cumbre del Sol shine with their own light, especially three of them.

Beaches and coves to enjoy the natural beauty of the Costa Blanca

Coves and beaches in Cumbre del Sol

 The nature of Cumbre del Sol is the key attraction of the area, especially when it comes to the coast. Its coves open between cliffs and the vegetation is ideal for you to lie in the sun. In addition, the calm waters are perfect for a swim on a hot day with the family. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful day in a unique environment.

Morach beach and its arches.

Located between Xàbia and Moraira, this is one of the most impressive coves in the Valencian Community. Although the access is through a steep slope, this allows you to see a foretaste of what awaits you. From the height you can see that the water is a striking turquoise blue and invites you to take a dip.

If you are going to visit it, it is advisable to come with plenty of time to spare, especially in high season. In fact, the beach has gained popularity in recent years, which makes more than a few people want to know all its charms. After all, it is a cove that lends itself to photography like few others. Also, keep in mind that the sand is scarce and there are boulders.

But the beach itself is not the only attraction, the Cova dels Arcs will delight you. It is a cave drilled by the force of the waves in which several arches have been created. The water enters through them and there is a part that can be visited, although always with due caution. Keep in mind that the stones are very slippery. In addition, it is possible to practice scuba diving in the submerged galleries, although this experience is only available for experts.

Los Tiestos Cove

It is located next to the previous one and is small in size (40 meters long), so much so that it seems hidden among the cliffs. The path to reach it is the same as the one that descends to Morach, which simplifies finding it. Of course, the descent is more difficult than for the other beach, so be careful not to hurt yourself.

Another aspect to highlight is that, given its small size and location, you will be in a very quiet space. The water is of a turquoise blue color that is striking. Its only weak point is that the cove is composed of small pebbles and little sand, which makes lying down can be annoying.

It can also be accessed from Morach by kayak, boat or surfboard. However, do not forget that it is forbidden to anchor on posidonia, an underwater plant of ecological importance. This is because it prevents the coastline from eroding at high speed and provides sustenance for a good number of animals.

Llebeig Cove

As with the previous beaches in Cumbre del Sol, Llebeig is located between cliffs and is bathed by crystal clear water. Tranquility and silence are the dominant notes, and the nature that surrounds you will leave you open-mouthed. Once on the sand, you will be sheltered by imposing limestone blocks and in front of you will be the Mediterranean.

Access is also difficult given the height of the cliffs, but it is not something that happens by chance. It has been tried to keep intact, as far as possible, the natural and wild aspect of the cove. Thus, it becomes a real treat for the senses and best of all is that it is not usually very crowded. If you like to be separated from the rest of the world, this is an excellent choice, although try to descend carefully.

Along with the above, it is possible to enjoy various activities in the water, such as diving or snorkeling. There are also some archaeological remains, as pirates used to take refuge on the beach. As it is so hidden, it offered them a safe corner in which to rest or stay hidden for a while. As you can see, nature, fun and history come together perfectly in such a small space.

The beaches and coves in Costa Blanca are sensational. They offer tranquility and the possibility of enjoying an environment that has hardly been altered. And the three you have just seen are good examples of what you can find. If you want a house near them and know the services of the area, contact us!