5 tips to speed up the sale of a villa in Cumbre del Sol

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5 tips for selling a villa in Cumbre del Sol

When listing a property for sale through a real estate agency in Cumbre del Sol, you need to make sure you are highlighting these strengths.

Follow the tips below to get a quick and profitable sale.

5 tips to speed up the sale of a villa in Cumbre del Sol

1. Strengthen the image of a unique enclave and way of life

Life in this development on the Costa Blanca has its own style, well-being, calm, security and privacy. It is an environment with native flora. It is home to a diverse, international and national community. It is multicultural and each of the apartments and exclusive villas have their own personal touch.

The towns of Jávea and Moraira are also just a stone’s throw away. But that’s not all. It is easy to find any type of establishment right there or just a few kilometres away. There are food shops, restaurants, leisure, culture, sport and education facilities as well as numerous bank branches.

2. Highlight the residential development’s amenities

Related to the previous point is the importance of highlighting the quality of the constructions. The same applies to the rest of the complex that makes up the Cumbre del Sol residential development. Highlight that this is an area with 3.7 million square metres of unspoilt coastline of which there are few left in the world. This provides exceptional access to designs and constructions designed for maximum comfort. At the same time, residents and visitors avail of services of the highest quality.

In a social and economic context that fosters sustainability, respect for the environment and saving resources, it is also essential to highlight the following. This complex was conceived with a philosophy of integration into nature. It is designed as a place with green spaces in which the surrounding natural habitats are preserved.

Therefore, living in this development is a commitment to well-being, comfort, quality of life and privacy, but from an ecological, sustainable and healthy perspective.

3. Adopt a multi-channel strategy

In the current era of new technologies and digital transformation, you must have a multichannel sales strategy. Interpersonal communication is appropriate, but much more cost-effective and efficient if approached in this way. Publicise, for example, the first-class sports facilities available in this residential development. Make it appear on the real estate agency‘s website and social networks. You may have communication channels such as WhatsApp or e-mail, with which you can quickly reach out to potential buyers.

There is also a shopping centre, a health centre, a pharmacy, bars and restaurants. You can do this through different publications, for example with photos or videos for Instagram posts, stories or reels.

4. Families and children’s education, other strong points

Many families looking for year-round or even holiday homes want educational facilities for their children. This will enable them to continue their academic journey. So, when you advertise the sale of your villa, don’t forget to mention the following. This is an area with one of the country’s most renowned international schools.

It is a lively community with lots of cultural events and social activities. Moreover, for families, like their children, having quality educational resources is a must.

5. Don’t forget to highlight the resort’s beaches

One of the factors that makes a villa in Cumbre del Sol a most valuable real estate asset is its proximity to the coast. Time stands still when visiting one of the development’s three beaches. These are the coves of Moraig, Tiestos and Lleibeg.

This ties in with the Mediterranean lifestyle, relaxed, natural, healthy, sociable and brimming with intense aromas and flavours. As well as this, there are golf courses right next to the sea as well as water sports facilities. This will boost the attractiveness of your property for almost all potential buyers.

These are added values that are worth highlighting if you’re selling a villa in Cumbre del Sol. There are few places where you have the privilege of being able to enjoy so much. They are unspoilt countryside and beaches, with all kinds of services accessible nearby. There are excellent communications with the rest of Spain, Europe and the world. The buildings combine numerous elements of the highest quality in villas and apartments. If you would like more information to sell your villa, please contact us.