10 alterations that will push up the value of your home in Cumbre del Sol

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Those who sell houses in Cumbre del Sol know that remodelling a property before putting it on the market drastically increases the sale price.

If you are thinking about selling, the tips that we have listed below are bound to help you.

The changes that you undertake are considered a good investment as it greatly increases the sale price.

We reveal the most striking alterations you can make!

push up the value of your home in Cumbre del Sol

Key alterations to increase the value of your home

Selling a home in Cumbre del Sol can be much simpler if the potential buyers are instantly drawn to the property right from the first visit. There are certain alterations that you can make that will turn your property from one of many into a very desirable option. Take a glance through these ideas.

Renovate the kitchen

It is often said that this room is the heart of every home, so a thorough update can make all the difference. Opt for cutting-edge stainless steel appliances, which are not only stylish but also offer advanced functions.

Change the cabinets for modern versions, choose a granite or marble worktop for a sophisticated touch and update the taps and accessories. Suitable lighting, with spotlights or lamps that hang over the island, also helps to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Update the bathroom

The second room to impact the value of your home is the bathroom. Replace tired tiles with new designs. A hydromassage shower or a separate bathtub can add a touch of luxury. Consider installing a double vanity and golden taps, for example.

Make the most of the basement or the garage

These spaces can be turned into functional, valuable areas. You could create a gym, a games room or even a private office in the basement. A garage, on the other hand, could be turned into a studio, a workshop or a separate apartment.

Invest in energy efficiency

Property buyers are becoming increasingly interested in energy efficiency. One alteration that will really attract attention is for you to sell your house with solar panels already installed on the roof. Improve insulation to maintain a good temperature all through the year and consider installing double-glazed windows.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace old heating and cooling systems for efficient, certified models.

Expand the spaces

If possible, expanding the space can be a worthwhile investment. Add another room, either by extending the existing structure or by dividing up parts of the house. An extra room could be used as a bedroom, games room or even a separate studio for working from home. Other options might be to create a loft inside or close off the patio, adding some extra square metres.

Improve lighting

Using the right lighting can really improve the appearance of almost any place. The property market in Cumbre del Sol stands out for its bright, cheerful properties. And that is what buyers are looking for, but if it’s not your strong suit, you can install spotlights in key areas.

The living room, kitchen and bathroom are the ideal places for adding spotlights and dimmer lights to control the brightness.

Do you have a garden? Make the most of it!

A well-kept garden can add great aesthetic value. Green spaces with a well-kept lawn particularly stand out. If you plant a few colourful plants and flowers, you’ll be adding some life and cheerfulness. Other ideas would be to have a relaxing area with comfortable furniture or even a barbeque.

Update the floors

The condition of the tiles or the parquet flooring significantly affect the appearance and value of your home. A small alteration to give it an updated feel would be quick and easy. Opt for superior wood floors to bring warmth and elegance to the various areas of the home.

If you are looking for less expensive options, high-quality ceramic or vinyl can imitate wood or marble at a more affordable price. Choose colours and finishes that suit the overall style of the property.

Home automation

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular and it can add a bonus to your property. Installing home automation systems will enable you to control the lighting, heating, security and appliances from your smartphone. This not only enhances comfort, but it is also an attractive feature for buyers who are interestedin a modern, online home.

In short, you can improve the prospects of selling your home in Cumbre del Sol by undertaking a series of alterations. A bright, recently-painted property with well-considered decor and some automated technology will have a big impact on the price. If you are unsure how to go about it, we are here to help you!