Waarom de zomer een goede tijd is om uw huis in Cumbre del Sol te verkopen?

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Selling your house in Cumbre del Sol can be a lot easier if you do it in summer.

For example, there is high demand and less supply. This means less competition.

Not only that, deals are closed fast and families want to sign before the school year begins.

Let’s delve into these and other reasons.

Summer, the best season to sell in Cumbre del Sol

Summer, the best season to sell in Cumbre del Sol

Selling a house in Cumbre del Sol during the summer months has multiple benefits. It is an optimal time of the year to advertise and catch the interest of potential buyers.

Less competition to sell

Another one of the reasons is that there is less competition in terms of sellers. This increases the possibilities to close a good deal fast. Because of this, putting a property up for sale can be a very good move during this season. On average, it takes around six months to find a buyer. However, if the process is done during summer, this can be cut down to about four.

Digitalisation helps

When neither the Internet nor social media existed, selling a house in summer was different. That is, the process was much more complex than it is now. Today, new technologies reduce the significance of obstacles that were an issue before. The physical distance between the buyer and the property isn’t essential at first. Technology facilitates virtual visits, for example.

For this same reason, communication is also easier. Generalised use of the Internet also offers many possibilities. All this allows the potential buyer to see the property before stepping over its threshold. A large part of the initial work that goes into selling can be done without the need for specific people to be available or be able to meet at a certain place.

New ways of life

A few years ago, many companies tended to close in summer since people went on holiday. Now, job flexibility and the use of the Internet has made the buying process in summer easier. Even when it’s time to sign, many notaries are working in August.

More people in the area

This part of the coast is a lot busier during the summer months. Therefore, the number of potential buyers goes up. Many people who visit the area are tourists. Some of them are looking to settle around here, whether that be in the immediate future or in the long term.

So, catching the attention of this group of possible clients may be a good idea. Achieving this is possible, for example, through marketing campaigns or adverts targeted at this sector.

Moving can end up being easier

Some say that the summer months are a better time to move house. What’s more, the warm weather makes the process easier. Both buyers and sellers will be eager to close a deal during this time of the year. The idea of moving boxes and belongings doesn’t sound too appealing. However, who wouldn’t prefer to do it in good weather instead of on a wet autumn day?

Holidays before the school year begins

Potential buyers will be interested in settling into their second home before the new school year. Summer is the perfect time. People tend to have more free time and are more relaxed. Time, in such cases, is on the seller’s side, given the rush to close the deal. With the right advice from experienced estate agents, it’s possible to take advantage of this chance to sell faster.

More light

Another key factor is the aesthetic. The hours of daylight and distinctive sunshine, unique to this season, allow you to get the most out of the house. A well-tended, regularly watered garden can even look better than it does in spring. If you have a pool, there’s no better season to show it off. Without a doubt, this will greatly favour the sale.

If you want to fine-tune a green space on the property, hire a gardening professional. Make sure they prepare and take care of everything. This can make an impression on buyers even before they set foot in the house. What’s more, a well-tended garden increases demand for the house.

These are some of the main reasons why summer may be the ideal season to sell your house in Cumbre del Sol. If you decide to put your property on the market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are an experienced estate agency in Cumbre del Sol. Call us and we’ll help you with the process.