Morach Beach and its Arches:

Morach Beach is a beautiful pebble beach in Cumbre del Sol, located on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The highlight of this beach is its impressive natural arches formed by the erosion of the sea on the coastal rocks. These arches provide a spectacular backdrop for swimmers and photographers. Morach Beach is known for its crystal clear water and natural surroundings.

Los Tiestos Cove:

Cala de los Tiestos is a small hidden cove in Cumbre del Sol. It is characterised by its beauty and isolation, which makes it a perfect place for those seeking peace and privacy. Access to this cove can be a little challenging, but the reward is an unspoilt beach with crystal clear waters and a serene atmosphere.

Llebeig Cove:

Cala Llebeig is another natural gem on Cumbre del Sol. This cove is located in a rocky inlet and is surrounded by cliffs. It is known for its wild beauty and clear waters. Access to Cala Llebeig can also be a bit tricky, but the experience of visiting this remote cove is truly unique.

These are just some of the wonderful beaches and coves you can explore in Cumbre del Sol. Each has its own charm and appeal, making them ideal destinations to enjoy the natural beauty of Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Beaches and coves in Cumbre del Sol


In the picturesque area of Cumbre del Sol, you will find several gastronomic establishments that offer unique culinary experiences:

Restaurant La Cumbre:

This restaurant is known for its cosy atmosphere and varied menu, which includes local and international dishes. It is an ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal with breathtaking views.

Como en Casa:

Specialising in homemade food, this restaurant offers a homely and comfortable experience. Its homemade menu is perfect for those looking for traditional and authentic flavours, with the convenience of being able to order and take it home.

Pure Kitchen:

Located in the Adelfas shopping centre, Pure Kitchen is known for its focus on healthy and fresh food. It offers a variety of options including vegetarian and vegan dishes, ideal for those looking for a nutritious and delicious meal.

La Hípica:

in addition to providing a service to the users of the equestrian centre, it is a very pleasant corner surrounded by nature to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Kiosko del sol:

located at the north entrance near the Lady Elisabeth International School, it offers a wide range of bread and sandwiches to eat in or take away.

Glamping Dreamsea:

The Glamping Dreamsea Mediterranean bar restaurant at Cumbre del Sol is a charming place that combines natural beauty with comfort and style. This establishment offers a unique dining experience in a relaxing and natural setting. Facilities include a swimming pool, a chill-out area, and a terrace, all in a setting where the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea can be appreciated.

Each of these establishments provides a unique experience, from traditional dishes to healthier and more modern options, ensuring that everyone will find something to their taste at Cumbre del Sol. 

Restaurant Cumbre del Sol


Cumbre del Sol, an exceptional destination on the Costa Blanca, offers a wide range of sporting activities for all tastes and ages:


Explore the hiking trails at Cumbre del Sol, where you will find paths winding through breathtaking scenery and views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Padel and Tennis:

Enjoy these popular racket sports in Spain. Cumbre del Sol has sports facilities for both paddle tennis and tennis, ideal for players of all levels.

Horse Riding:

For horse lovers, horse riding is an excellent way to experience the nature and scenery of the area.


Navigate the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean in a kayak, a perfect activity to enjoy the sea and the coast.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling:

Explore the underwater world that surrounds Cumbre del Sol. The clear waters and rich marine life make diving and snorkelling unforgettable experiences.


For those seeking relaxation and wellness, yoga at Cumbre del Sol is ideal, with outdoor sessions and breathtaking views.

These activities not only promote physical and mental well-being, but also allow you to appreciate the natural beauty and tranquillity of Cumbre del Sol.

Sports activities at Cumbre del Sol


The Lady Elizabeth International School at Cumbre del Sol is a prestigious and renowned educational institution. Located in the Benitachell area, it offers an educational programme based on the British curriculum, aimed at students from 2 to 18 years of age. The school stands out for its focus on providing a high quality international education, accredited in both Spain and the UK.

The educational concept of Lady Elizabeth School focuses on empowering students, teaching them to lead and serve the group. With passionate educators and a learning environment that encourages curiosity and creativity, students have the opportunity to develop in a multicultural and inclusive environment. The school’s facilities include modern classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities and areas for arts and cultural activities, contributing to a comprehensive and diverse educational experience. 

Lady Elizabeth International School


At Cumbre del Sol, one of the most prominent companies in the field of property rentals and maintenance is Salco La Cumbre. This company offers a full range of services to meet the needs of those looking to rent or maintain their homes in this exclusive area of the Costa Blanca.

Salco La Cumbre specialises in comprehensive property management, including property rentals, cleaning services and garden and pool maintenance. In addition, the company provides regular inspections and preparation of properties for the arrival of tenants, ensuring that everything is in perfect condition.

The services offered by Salco La Cumbre are ideal for both owners wishing to rent out their holiday homes or flats and those looking for a place to enjoy their holidays in Cumbre del Sol. The company stands out for its attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, providing a high quality, personalised service. Rentals include bed linen, towels, final cleaning and other essential services, facilitating a comfortable and carefree stay for tenants.

Rentals and maintenance cumbre del sol


Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned Real Estate Agency stands out in the real estate market as the only agency that operates exclusively in the Cumbre del Sol residential development. This specialisation allows them to offer a highly personalised and expert service in this specific area. With a wide range of properties for sale, including flats, villas and townhouses, Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned is dedicated to meeting the needs of those looking for a home in this prestigious location on the Costa Blanca.

The properties marketed by this agency are characterised by their high quality and, in many cases, feature panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Their focus on Cumbre del Sol allows them to have an in-depth knowledge of the local market, which is a great advantage for both buyers and sellers. The Cumbre del Sol Pre-Owned agency has established itself as a benchmark in the buying and selling of properties in this exclusive area, providing its clients with a unique and trusted real estate experience.

Real estate agency Cumbre del Sol


Pure Wellness in Cumbre del Sol is a space dedicated to self-care and wellness, located in the Adelfas Shopping Centre in Benitachell. This centre has become an ideal place for those looking to pamper themselves with class and enjoy a relaxing environment. Pure Wellness offers a variety of services and activities that promote health and wellness, providing visitors with a holistic self-care experience.

With convenient opening hours, Pure Wellness presents itself as a haven for rejuvenation and relaxation in the beautiful Cumbre del Sol area. Visitors can enjoy a tranquil and elegant ambience, ideal for unwinding from daily stresses and taking time for physical and mental wellbeing. The combination of modern facilities, attentive service and a holistic approach to self-care make Pure Wellness an outstanding destination in Cumbre del Sol for those who value health and wellness.

wellness cumbre del sol


The Pepe La Sal supermarket in Cumbre del Sol is a convenient and popular choice for residents and visitors to the area. This supermarket stands out for its extended opening hours, opening its doors even on Sundays and public holidays, making it a very practical option for last minute shopping or for those times when other shops are closed. Located in the Adelfas Shopping Centre in Benitachell, Pepe La Sal offers a wide variety of products ranging from food and drink to household goods.

Known for its welcoming atmosphere and focus on customer satisfaction, Pepe La Sal in Cumbre del Sol is the ideal place for those looking for a convenient and complete shopping experience. Whether it’s stocking up on essentials, finding special ingredients or simply enjoying a leisurely shopping experience, Pepe La Sal caters to the needs of its customers, ensuring they have access to everything they need throughout the week, even on holidays and Sundays.

Pepe la Sal Supermarket cumbre del sol


Cumbre del Sol Medical Centre

A new medical centre has recently been established in Cumbre del Sol to provide health care to the local community. This centre offers medical services and is a valuable resource for those living or visiting the area, ensuring that they have access to quality medical care without having to travel far. In addition, in and around the urbanisation, other medical professionals can be found who can assist with various health needs.

Cumbre del Sol Pharmacy

for residents and visitors to the area. This pharmacy offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, health and beauty products, and specialist advice. The sales team and specialists at Cumbre del Sol Pharmacy are dedicated to helping customers find the products and offers they need, ensuring high quality customer service.

Conveniently located near the Pepe La Sal supermarket, the Cumbre del Sol medical centre and Pharmacy is easily accessible for those seeking pharmaceutical care and health advice. With a welcoming atmosphere and a focus on customer care, the Cumbre del Sol Pharmacy has become a focal point for the local community, providing essential health and wellness services in Cumbre del Sol.

Medical centre and farmacy Cumbre del Sol


REDI, formerly known as Global Interlink Telecom, is a company that specialises in telecommunications services. The company is characterised by offering innovative and quality solutions in the telecommunications sector. As a young and professional company, REDI (Global Interlink Telecom) has focused on providing unique and efficient services that meet the technological needs of its customers.

It is currently the main fibre optic provider in Cumbre del Sol with an office in the urbanisation itself next to the pharmacy.

In the general field of telecommunications, companies like REDI are essential to provide connectivity and technical support, which is especially important in residential areas like Cumbre del Sol.

Internet and fibre optic provider Cumbre del Sol

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